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HOTEL BASZTOWY *** grew out of our dreams – to build a conference and training center of our own, to shape an environment that nurtures enterprising, active individuals, to promote all forms of activity that provide new jobs and new opportunities, and to establish a first rate facility in Sandomierz able to meet the needs of visitors coming to this historic city to rest, admire its beauty and historic architecture, learn and relax in its enthralling environs of hillside forests and valleys.

A ramp at the entrance and a spacious elevator make the hotel and restaurant easily accessible to all.

HOTEL BASZTOWY *** has been carefully designed and built to be a perfect venue for your meetings, conferences, training sessions and tour grups. Our modern conference and training rooms feature the latest in presentation equipment technologies. We can offer you:

  • one training room for 100 persons
  • one training room for 40 persons
  • hotel club room

If you have specific needs, please let us know in advance, so we can ensure an unforgettable and customized stay.

The Center for Business Promotion and Entrepreneurship was established in 1991 as a private not-for-profit foundation. The Center offers training and consulting services to support and develop entrepreneurship in southeastern Poland. We serve current needs by designing and implementing educational and training programs for small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs), the farming community, and the rural areas in general, as they seek to find their places and prosper in the European Union. Looking to the future, we promote entrepreneurial spirit among the region’s youth. The Center is an accredited member of the National SME Service Network and is proud to be seen by entrepreneurs and cooperating institutions as a solid, experienced NGO and a valuable local resource.

May 6 Day Weekend Breaks
May 6 Day Weekend Breaks
3-7 days, From 155 zł/pers/night
June 4 Day Weekend Breaks
June 4 Day Weekend Breaks
3-5 days, From 155 zł/pers/night
4 days, From 465 zł/pers